Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing Facility

Location -Industrial area – Plot Area ; 2.4 Acres
Built up facility – state of the art , fully mechanized industry
22,000sft of Factory floor;
5000sft of Quality control, R&D and Lab facility
5000sft of Design Development and Management offices
5000sft of Accommodation for Guest and Staff

Per day Production capacity of 15000sft of wall & slab panels equivalent of constructing about 6000 sft of built-up area

Supported by team of 15 trained technicians for production and about 50 trained and skilled installers at site.

Shotcrete and concrete pumps of European origin for reliable and high quality concrete applications .

Manufacturing process

There are three main manufacturing and assembly process namely.

1. Production of Expanded Polystyrene and block molding


Polystyrene Beads (Heating in Chamber)


Pre-Expansion by water vapour @ 90deg

EPS (Sintered Expanded Polystyrene)

Curing in silos to remove moisture

Injection Molding

Eps is inject molded to Blocks

Profiling & cutting

Block Moldes are stacked to cure

Block Curing

Profiling cutting using CNC(hot wire)

2. Fabricate GI Mesh from GI Wires

Coils of Cables

wire unwinding and straightening

Welding Mesh

Electro welding

Mesh cutting & coiling

mesh welding and cutting

3. Electro welding of layers of Mesh on either sides of EPS Core

wire unwinding and straightening

Electro welding

mesh welding and cutting


Production Floor

R & D cell with test lab


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