Ecowall is an Innovative and Modern construction technology used in  construction of RCC walls and Slabs for buildings. It is a pre-fabricated single panels,  which can be used up to four storeys and Double panels to build 8-10 storeys/levels economically.

Panels are factory produced constituting of central core of Polystyrene (EPS) in a wave form,  which mainly performs as a thermal barrier and substrate for concrete application. This core is encapsulated on both sides by galvanized steel Mesh inter connected by 33 steel welded connectors per sqm to form 3 dimensional hyper-static reinforcement steel.

These panels are assembled on site as per the designed layout and then shot-creted on either side of single panel and cast in-situ concrete for floors to form various elements of building, verticals structural walls, horizontal structural slabs, cladding elements, Interior walls, staircases etc. to form a single Monolithic structure.

In general walls or slabs made of Ecowall panels after concrete (shotcrete) will perform both as load bearing and non-load bearing as these are reinforced concrete sandwich elements. Once the panels are assembled and connected permanently these performs a unified monolithic structure efficiently transferring compression, tension and shear in the plane of walls and slabs connected. The structure responds and performs like a “BOX” with minimal bending moment at the joints and connections.
Further, the reinforcements although smaller in diameter are distributed evenly throughout the surface of the structure. This matrix of reinforcement and truss like formation makes the walls very robust and monolithic. Forces acting horizontally like Wind or earthquake are efficiently absorbed by the Ecowall elements, the respective “BOX” like formation has to be provide and all connections between wall & wall, Wall & Slab take into consideration this “BOX” Like behavior which is more stable than traditional frame structure

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